Mumaith Khan Returns

By - August 03, 2016 - 01:48 PM IST

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Just like how we talk about comedians becoming heroes is a rather unachievable task, there is also a strong belief that item queens can never become heroines. But there was one girl who broke this jinx and was able to do the leading lady role for quite a few films.

We are talking about the item queen Mumaith Khan. She stole the hearts of the Telugu youth with her number ‘Ippatikinka naa vayasu ninda padahaare….’ in Pokiri. Eventually, she also became a heroine and did some lady oriented flicks.

After a while Mumaith went into a brief sabbatical and now news is that she is coming back with a bang. Reports reveal Mumaith was going through a makeover of sorts and now she has sent a strong message that she is back into business. This should bring cheer to all her fans then.