Producer's Costliest Gift to Sukumar

By - August 06, 2016 - 08:51 AM IST

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Though the film industry predominantly runs around businesslike relationships and revolves around money, there are few exceptional people who maintain pure friendship by going beyond all this materialistic aspects.

They proved many critics wrong that film industry is a commercial arena where the is no scope for healthy friendships. One such friend duo is logical director Sukumar and producer BVSN Prasad.

These two worked together for the emotjonal drama Nannaku Prematho and the film was made on great budget. Most of the film was shot in Europe and London in particular. The film was a good success and as a token of appreciation, Prasad gifted a BMW X 3 series car for his director.

Though this norm is not new in the film industry,getting such a costliest car from a friend must be a thrilling moment for Sukumar!

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