Torrentz Shutdown: Kabali Effect?

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Piracy is one of the biggest challenges faced by the film industry irrespective of its language. Due to the advancement of mobile technology, many films are getting available in the Internet even before the film’s release. This has been causing a serious damage to the Box Office collections and film business.

The torrent sites namely Kickass Torrents along with Torrentz.eu are quite popular among the lot for posting films in pirated format. Recently, Kickass Torrents owner was caught in the act after uploading the pirated copy of Rajnikanth’s latest release Kabali. This became a huge topic of debate and just when the shock was getting digested, Torrentz also has been shutdown abruptly with a personal farewell message from the owner himself.

Looks like Kabali effect has done much good to the film industry by giving a huge blow to piracy!

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