'Pelli Choopulu' Team's Social Service To Film Industry

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They say that the members of the film fraternity are rather practical and just focus on what they need and keep moving forward. But then, it is not entirely true. There are also those members who have that urge to bring a difference and make things better for the industry.

Tollywood has many such members and here is one group. They are the team of the recent release Pelli Choopulu and they are doing a social service of sorts to the cine circuit. They have become like a team and created a group on Whatsapp. The objective is only one.

Wherever they are getting news of piracy they are immediately blocking the related site and taking action. Even government is supporting them in a big way. This goes to show that with determination and focus, any goal is achieved. By the way, producer Madhura Sreedhar is the man behind this whole crusade against piracy.  

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