Numerology Reason Behind Ram Charan's '8'

By - August 18, 2016 - 10:39 AM IST

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Among the many forms of ‘science’ that are used for scoring success in the cinema industry, the first place always belongs to numerology. There are many members who alter their names, fix particular dates or ensure particular numbers are included in their projects.

The same is said to be the case with the title design of mega powerstar Ram Charan’s new movie Dhruva. Apparently, the first letter of the title has got an 8 above it and here is the reason behind it. Dhruva as per numerology comes to number 9.

As such it should come as 8 because that’s auspicious and will offer success to the movie. Initially, the makers wanted to keep the title as ‘Dhruv’ as it comes to 8 but it is not sounding like Telugu so they have kept Dhruva 8. With this, Dhruva equals 9 and the digit 8 when added becomes 17 which is again 1+7=8. Hence, to get this number this new design has come up.