Telangana Film Awards @ Bathukamma Festival 2017

By - August 18, 2016 - 12:31 PM IST

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From a long time, discussions have been happening on the state of Telangana having a film awards event under the auspices of the state government. When Andhra Pradesh was united, the Nandi Awards were quite popular and prestigious. So, here is an inside news on that.

Sources reveal the Telangana film awards are going to take place during the Bathukamma festival in the year 2017. This is going to be done in a grand scale just like Nandi awards. However, it is not sure if they will be named as Golconda awards, Charminar awards, Telangana awards or anything else.

The Nandi Awards were considered quite precious and many in the Tollywood fraternity considered it to be a huge honor by becoming a recipient. Now, with Telangana government also preparing the stage for the state film awards, this is going to be quite interesting and exciting.

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