Watch Kolaveri Boy's New Angle

By - August 19, 2016 - 04:40 PM IST

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Perhaps the best example you can quote for music transcending all barriers of language is the hit song ‘Why this Kolaveri di’. Though it is a mix of Tamil and English, the song became a global sensation and the man behind that was Anirudh Ravichander who became a celebrity overnight.

After that, Anirudh has composed tunes for quite a number of movies but he is always remembered as the Kolaveri boy. Now, he has come up with a new angle of himself. This is in the form of a music video made in Tamil and it is titled as Sirikkadhe...

This means ‘do not smile’ and the video features Anirudh with a foreign lady. The song has gone viral among the Tamil youth and watching Anirudh in this new avatar is adding to the interest quotient.