Warning to Vikram on Facebook?

By - August 23, 2016 - 06:43 PM IST

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As an actor, you are perceived as a role model and someone who sets an example to others. So, it doesn’t matter how your moods are but when you are amidst public you need to carry yourself with patience and warmth. One rash act and your reputation can be in soup.

Nowadays, the power of social media is so strong that things get extremely sensitive. Recently, one post came up in Facebook and this has to do with Chiyaan Vikram’s behavior at US when he had to be part of an event. Given the fact that it came from a Tamil organization president, it was taken seriously.

It is heard that Vikram was rather aloof and was not showing much interest in connecting with the crowds which didn’t go too well with the organizers. The Facebook post is rather bold. Given that, if it happens in Telugu you can imagine how situation would be. Hence, the starry airs need to be reduced by the stars.

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