Ram Charan's 'Mega Express' Title Talk

By - August 24, 2016 - 08:40 AM IST

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You might be able to come up with a very good script and the right kind of cast and crew but if you are unable to coin the right kind of title you can be rest assured the efforts will go in vain. This is much more sensitive when it involves a big star.

Mega powerstar Ram Charan has reportedly agreed to do a movie with director Merlapaka Gandhi and already, the title is said to be Mega Express. The ‘Express’ sentiment was used by Gandhi as his last two movies worked at the box office with that word. Reactions are now flowing over this title.

While some say the sentiment aspect is fine, they feel the relevance to the story looks unlikely. Also, the very combination of the two words looks a little unusual and not something which suits the stature of Charan. Let us wait for the official announcement on this but for now the title is just about average.

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