Discussion about Pawan Kalyan's Actual Income!

By - September 07, 2016 - 07:49 PM IST

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Pawan Kalyan Konidela commands a huge fan base both as a film star and with his political ideology as well. His films make business in crores and even his remuneration is touted to be in crores (inclusive of his shares in the profits of his films) but still Pawan keep stating that he has no money - one of those topics that are bothering the average cine-goer now. 
Even at his recent Janasena political meet at Tirupati, Pawan Kalyan made quirky statements that he has no money and requested his fans to watch his films so that he can make some. These comments have triggered a new discussion about his actual income and financial problems, if any. 
Well Pawan Kalyan has received a remuneration of about Rs 25Cr for Sardaar Gabbar Singh out of the Rs 80Cr business the movie did. There were speculations in the past that Pawan sold off his favorite car to clear his debts but the actual reason behind it is yet to be known. However, according to reliable inside sources, Pawan owes Sharrath Marar an undisclosed amount which he is clearing by acting films under his production. And being PK's confident, Sharrath Marar is his immediate fall back for any financial need. 
So Pawan's propaganda of 'no money' is partially true but his actual income is still a mystery.  

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