Sunitha's Short Film with Chandoo Mondeti

By - September 14, 2016 - 01:42 PM IST

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In case you are the fan of singer Sunitha you will be jumping with joy because recently there was a news that she would be making her debut as an actress albeit a short film. Now, there is one more update which would make you simply fly out of the sky.

It is heard that Sunitha is going to be part of a web series and this is going to be directed by Chandu Mondeti of Karthikeyaa fame. According to sources, Chandoo will be doing two or three short films with Sunitha and provide the right takeoff.

Eventually, the remaining series would be done by his assistants. Whoever may wield the megaphone, what is exciting everyone is they will get to see Sunitha finally in front of the camera. The other interesting point is, what is going to be the genre of these short films.  

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