Celebs On Fairness Ads Should Be Banned?

By - October 01, 2016 - 06:17 PM IST

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You can call it the era of consciousness or a mere over reaction to every small thing. There was a time when jokes on certain communities in movies were taken in right spirit but today that is being made into a controversy. Similarly, another issue has cropped up now.

This has to do with skin complexion. Fairness has become a taboo of sorts and it is hurting the sentiments of those who have dusky or dark complexions. This is getting further fueled by celebrities. Recently, the svelte beauty Sonali Bendre announced she won’t be endorsing fairness creams.

Now that she has started others may also join. At a time when speaking about a condom is no longer a taboo, speaking about fairness has become an issue, that’s how the society has become. Let us wish common sense with maturity and wisdom prevails.

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