Ilaiyaraaja Angry For Selfies

By - October 01, 2016 - 06:11 PM IST

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In order to find a certain level of acceptance, it is often said that we must change with time and adapt ourselves to the new trends. However, not all are like that and stick to their value system. One such person is the musical maestro Ilaiyaraaja.

It is known that the selfie mania has risen a lot in the last two years and many film celebrities have added more fuel to it by taking selfies wherever they can. However, news is that Ilaiyaraaja doesn’t like selfies and feels repulsive.

Sometime ago, even the senior actress Khushboo also said no to Selfie at an awards event. Similarly, it is heard that during his US tour he was approached by many for selfies. The maestro reportedly said he is okay for photos but not selfies.