Baahubali kind of Promotion for Nakshatram?!

By - October 21, 2016 - 12:02 PM IST

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From the time the magnum opus Baahubali hit the screens it has become a role model and inspiration for many filmmakers and movies as well. This phenomenon is being noticed throughout Bollywood as well so here is something from Tollywood.

‘Nakshatram’ is one film which is being talked about for its interesting promotion these days. Every other day, one poster is being released showing the characters and many say this is just like how Baahubali promotion happened prior to its release.

However, in that flick, the getups had importance because it was a period movie with war backdrop. As for Nakshatram, it is just to show who is in the movie. Helmed by the creative genius Krishna Vamsi, the film has Sundeep Kishan as the hero.

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