Shocking Scenario For Mahesh Babu's Film

By - October 21, 2016 - 10:43 AM IST

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It is nothing short of a festival for the cine buffs when a film of superstar Mahesh Babu is announced and the mania reaches the peaks when the film is due for release. Of course, Mahesh had his share of flops but the worst among them was Brahmotsavam.

It turned out to be a historical disaster in his career and more salt was rubbed onto the wounds given the way the film got trolled. Just when Mahesh and co were nursing their wounds, another shocking scenario has occurred and yet again it is Brahmotsavam.

The film was recently aired in the Zee TV channel and reports reveal it received the lowest TRP rating of 7.5. Even the biggest disasters tend to get an average rating of 15 but this has created a new record. Let us wish Mahesh makes up for this with his next.

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