DSP Not Doing Music But Magic With Chiranjeevi

By - October 21, 2016 - 01:02 PM IST

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When you like something or someone your feeling can be explained in the form of happiness, delight and what not. But when your joy reaches the peaks, you can only call that experience as magical. This happens few times with the works of the cine folks.

One such craft is music and over many decades, you have heard some really wonderful and memorable tunes. Now, one man has decided to take this to a magical level. He is none other than Rock Star Devi Sri Prasad. He is the music director for the movie Khaidi No 150.

Inside reports reveal Devi Sri has put all his energies to churn out the best tunes for this movie and those who heard a bit of it say it is not music but magic. They add that this is going to be the best Devi Sri has ever delivered throughout his career. Get set for some magical music then!

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