Everyone Floored By Star Wife's Persona

By - November 04, 2016 - 08:42 AM IST

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It is natural for most of us to form impressions and judgements the moment you look at a person’s face or what you hear about him or her. However, it has also happened that all those perceptions get wiped away the moment you start knowing and interacting with that person.

Akin to that, you would have your share of impressions about star wives and the case was same with Upasna Kamineni, wife of mega powerstar Ram Charan. At one point, many attempted to mock Upasna for various reasons but now all have gone silent.

Recently Upasna gave an interview and after seeing that they were floored. Now, they are feeling bad about trolling her and the guilt pleas are being witnessed in social media. The main reason for that is the graceful and kind personality of Upasna. So, looks are not everything folks!

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