Hero Wants To Become Villain

By - November 04, 2016 - 08:37 AM IST

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The general trend you would have noticed in the last few decades is that those actors who started their careers as villains eventually drifted to become heroes. Some among them became very popular and made a mark for themselves. To quote an example, collection king Mohan Babu.

However, it would come as a surprise to you that one man who has been a hero since long is now keen to become a villain. He is none other than the soft spoken hero Sumanth. Apparently, Sumanth has donned the role of a protagonist in all his movies.

Recently he was sharing his thoughts in an interview when he stressed that he is keen to do negative roles and is disappointed none are considering him for that. Well, the thought is nice so let us wait to see which filmmaker would be interested to fulfill Sumanth’s wish.

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