Trolling On 'Rachabanda' Program

By - November 04, 2016 - 04:07 PM IST

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The penchant for reality based programs has risen a lot in the recent times but for some reason it appears that the dose of reality is slowly converting into sensationalism on the small screen. The reactions are evident with the kind of trolling happening on certain TV shows.

A platoon of senior actresses and former heroines such as Sumalatha, Roja, Jeevitha, Geetha have begun hosting few shows called as ‘Rachabanda’ and others. Criticism has also flown on the shows as to why the flavor is being dramatized and made superficial.

Anyhow, many netizens are now demanding that instead of bringing up the lives of those who come from below the poverty line, why don’t the organizers bring the likes of Kamal Haasan and Gouthami to discuss about their recent breakup. Valid point indeed!