Extension Of Film Nagar Becomes Expensive?

By - November 04, 2016 - 03:39 PM IST

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Apart from the Biriyani and the Irani chai if there is another reason Hyderabad is famous for, it is the real estate. The city has seen a major period of boom and land appreciation in the last decade and half. A notable area in that happens to be Film Nagar.

For a long time, this was inhabited by the Tollywood folks and eventually an extension came in the form of Manikonda. Reports reveal that the price is Rs 30,000 per sq yard and it has remained the same from the last 4 years. However, things seem to be changing now.

Some of the noted realtors in Manikonda area reveal prices are now picking up. So far only film people were there but now software people are also coming with the point that celebs live there. Already the likes of Brahmanandam, Sai Kumar, Rajamouli, Venkatesh shifted to Manikonda.

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