Superstar's Trendsetting Film Ready for Re-release!

By - November 07, 2016 - 12:44 PM IST

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Suresh Krishna’s commercial entertainer Baasha fetched Rajnikanth a new era of stardom during the mid 90s era. The film featured Rajni in two contrasting roles namely the auto driver Manikyam and a Mumbai based don Manik Basha.

The film’s songs, Rajni’s punch dialogues and amazing screenplay made it one of the top films in the hero’s career. Because of the film’s evergreen image and impact, the makers of Baasha are planning to release it once again in theatres on the eve of Rajni’s birthday in December. Rajni’s another film Sivaji was also released on 3D version which wasn’t greatly appreciated by the audience.;
But going by Baasha’s amazing craze, it looks like the Box Office will be challenged once again with Rajni’s star value.