Logical Director's Romantic Holidaying

By - November 08, 2016 - 04:30 PM IST

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There is a separate image and impression you have for each director you come across in Tollywood. Some are known for their commercial masala and some are known for their romantic touch. And then some are known for their practical approach.

One such filmmaker is Sukumar and he is called the logic director because all his movies revolve around logic, practicality and psychology. Given that, it has come as a surprise that he has gone to a very contrasting place to spend his holidays.

Well, reports reveal Sukumar is currently in the world’s most romantic city Paris and he is chilling out. While some say it is a vacation indeed, few others say he would have gone there for doing some recci for his next project. So, in case anyone of you is in Paris, keep your eyes open as you can bump across Suku.

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