Film Industry Appreciating Man behind Black Money Idea

By - November 10, 2016 - 11:24 AM IST

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The ban of Rs 500-1000 currency notes in India by Prime Minister Modi has put much panic around the country ever since it was declared on Tuesday. The social media showered praises on the Prime Minister for such bold move and expressed hope that it would eradicate corruption along with black money. But who is the real person behind this master formulation?

He is none other than Aurangabad based architect and chartered accountant Anil Bokil who advised the prime minister to get this into action on an exclusive meeting in July. Anil suggested that the only way to eliminate black money is to make the entire transactions legal and through bank instead of cash. By this update, it sure looks like it is indeeanild Anil who is the real mastermind behind this decision.

The entire film fraternity has been praising Modi and of course Anil for his brilliant idea which would change the face of financial plague in the country such as corruption and black money circulation!

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