Reason behind Actress Becoming Producer

By - November 10, 2016 - 11:45 AM IST

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The dusky beauty Priyanka Chopra entered into the dream land Bollywood with absolutely no showbiz background but made her mark in the industry with her stunning looks and breakthrough performances. She has proved her mettle in international arena as well with her presence in American TV series Quantico.

She has also established her own production firm and giving chances for young and talented actors who dream of making big in the industry. When asked about the real reason behind her decision of becoming a producer, Priyanka said that she wants to do her help for those people who reach Mumbai with hopes of becoming a star but unable to because of competitive atmosphere. She said that this is her contribution to people who deserve opportunities and attention.
Priyanka also emphasized that she would make films irrespective of language or genre and expand the opportunities for young actors on behalf of her venture.