Nude Shock By Top Hero

By - November 17, 2016 - 11:38 AM IST

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The world of cinema has gone way ahead and nudity is just a routine part of it. But this applies more to the Hollywood and world cinema, not Indian cinema. Even today, nudity is a big issue in this country and there have been constant battles regarding this among many groups.
Normally, the concept of nudity is taken in parlance with the actresses but in the recent times, even the heroes are daring to go bare. Recently, Bollywood’s mighty heart Salman Khan was seen in his underwear for the movie Sultan and it became a sensation.
Now, another hero is following suit. He is motormouth Ranveer Singh and he would be seen in his undies in the movie Befikre. Not stopping at that, Ranveer has reportedly mentioned he doesn’t mind going total nude onscreen if the scene and character demands. Wonder what the ladies have to say to this.

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