No Currency Tensions For New Releases

By - November 22, 2016 - 06:22 PM IST

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Since the past few days you would have heard many stories on how the demonetization has created havoc in the lives of many. In that, the film industry has also suffered quite a bit because many films could not garner the collections despite having strong content.
But now the currency tensions seem to be coming down for the new releases which is cheering them up. Reports are arriving that cash is now coming to ATMs in large quantities and some relief is being seen. The ease of withdrawing cash has increased.
According to few banking experts, this problem is going to persist till November 24 only and after that, there is going to be no more cash crunch. You can also withdraw cash from the banks so acquiring money for buying tickets in the theatre will no longer be a challenge. The new releases are breathing a sigh of relief now.