Sana's Connection To Lord Venkateswara

By - November 29, 2016 - 10:17 AM IST

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It is nice to be broadminded and though you come across many individuals like that, there are also those who have their own beliefs and sentiments when it comes to religion. A common trend in that is you don’t see a non-Hindu entering a temple so easily.

But there are few pure souls who believe that God is one and the film industry is the best place to find such individuals. One among them is the gracefully beautiful Sana and recently she put up a set of photos. Well, she is going to Tirumala and she is taking steps for that.

Sana is a Muslim but she doesn’t have such issues. In fact, many Muslims go like that. For that matter a folklore is that Lord Venkateswara has a wife named Bibi Nancharamma who is supposedly a Muslim. For now, may Lord Venkateswara shower his blessings to Sana.

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