Comedy Hero Runs Behind 4 Beauties!

By - November 29, 2016 - 09:50 AM IST

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There was a time when you would have felt that an aunty would be someone in her mid 40s and reaching a senior citizen phase. But Tollywood has redefined this term and today you find some of the most attractive ladies in the roles of aunties.
Some of them would give a run to the younger heroines as well. Anyhow, the talk now is about one comedy hero running behind few aunties albeit as part of a film. We are talking about the new movie featuring Avasarala Srinivas as the protagonist.
This is the remake of the Bollywood flick Huntterr and sources reveal it has been titled as Babu Baaga Busy. The poster got released and all the actresses featured in it are hot beauties known for their immense sex appeal and oomph factor. This film is certainly creating the right momentum. 

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