Rahman's Old Wine In New Bottle

By - December 02, 2016 - 11:02 AM IST

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The adage ‘Old Wine In New Battle’ is quite apt to most of us because we do come across many situations in our life every now and then. And if it is a creative field like the film industry, such things tend to happen in larger frequency. Interest gets triggered when it involves a big name.
For instance, reports are now arriving that the Mozart of Madras A R Rahman is all set to come up with a track which would remind us of his best creations. Many years ago, he came up with the song ‘Urvashi urvashi…take it easy urvashi’ for the film Premikudu.
That became a nationwide sensation and now it is heard that Rahman is going to keep the tune intact and change the lyrics. Not stopping at that, he has also given an open offer to his fans to come up with some witty lines and he would pick one among them. Go for it folks!