Gold Fears Of Tollywood Stars

By - December 02, 2016 - 10:53 AM IST

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Though they may not vent it out it is clear that the black money holders are fuming with anger and shivering with tension on the demonetization issue. A major part of them also hail from the film fraternity because most of the transactions happen in black.
Even Tollywood is no exception and it is heard that after PM Narendra Modi’s announcement, many were scrambling to save their black money. As part of that, they are buying gold and keeping it in safe houses. Buzz is that the stock is increasing everyday.
But now even that seems to be getting them nowhere. With Narendra Modi’s new twist that his next target is going to be the gold, they are again in tension as to how they can save their untaxed wealth. This is something only time can answer.