How Amma Frightened Superstar?

By - December 07, 2016 - 03:47 PM IST

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The only name that is currently being taken everywhere is ‘Amma’. It is none other than Jayalalithaa, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who passed away yesterday. During her regime, she came to be known as an iron lady who had a tough disposition.
Anyone who messed with her was not spared. Once, superstar Rajinikanth also did a small stint which led to traffic jam and Jaya getting caught in that jam. Within no time, Rajini came up with a statement that without Jaya the state can never run properly.
Don’t know what he did to patch up but messing with her is not easy. She got her arch rival Karunanidhi arrested and those videos are still there in YouTube. She didn’t spare even his holiness Jayendra Saraswati. She became a demigoddess and anyone who opposed her had to face the music. Despite this fearful image, she won the hearts of millions of people.

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