Last Two Period Films Of 2016

By - December 15, 2016 - 04:37 PM IST

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You are reaching the end of the year 2016 and it is the time to look back and see how things have been for the Tollywood circuit. The effect of period films has been high this year and as we are reaching the close, two more movies are in the pipeline.

First in the list is Vangaveeti helmed by the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma. This is a story which is based on the 70s and 80s backdrop with strong political fervour. Second in the list is Appatlo Okkadundevadu helmed by Sagar of Ayyare fame.

This movie runs on the backdrop of the early 90s and it has the variety hero with baritone voice Nara Rohith along with the talented Sri Vishnu in the lead. While Vangaveeti is arriving on December 23rd ‘Appatlo….’ is coming on December 30th which is just one week gap.

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