Film Celebs Shopping For 2-3 Families On Their Cards

By - December 22, 2016 - 02:48 PM IST

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At the onset, you would have appreciated the process of demonetization as it has been announced with a good intent. However, with each passing day, you would begin criticizing this move because the common man has begun to experience the choking and suffering due to this.

Even the film celebrities are big victims of this demonetization and they are also facing interesting challenges. It is natural that many film celebrities have household help and other staff and ward. With no money to pay their salaries, the celebrities are now coming under pressure.

As a result, they have found out a makeshift solution. They are buying the required stuff for the house and other things using their own credit cards. The buying is happening for 2-3 families in one card. Unless things don’t get streamlined, such issues will continue.