Sentimental Angle Of Top Music Director

By - January 03, 2017 - 11:09 AM IST

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Whenever you see the top range celebrities of the film fraternity, you tend to see them maintain a lot of professionalism and though they sound friendly, they do have a strong guard about their personal beliefs and sentiments. However, there are those times when a few things get revealed.

Rock star Devi Sri Prasad is undoubtedly the number one music director of Tollywood and most of what we know is only his public life. But the demise of his father exposed the sensitive side of DSP. There were quite a few instances where DSP’s eyes swelled with tears in public events.

But now it is heard that he is quite excited and thrilled. The reason being, his sister is blessed with a baby boy and DSP strongly believes his father is back. The kid is named Tanav Satya and DSP is making sure he spends whatever time he gets with this toddler. This sentimental angle of DSP is touching his fans as well.