Heroine Turned Popular With Single Dialogue

By - March 14, 2017 - 03:14 PM IST

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As an actor or actress it is important for you to stay in spotlight because visibility quotient is the most crucial aspect in the film industry. Due to that, different strategies are applied by different artists but sometimes few of them earn limelight with one move.
Lately a heroine came up with a statement and she has become very popular. Her name is Pooja Jhaveri and for a long time nobody knows her though she did few movies in Telugu. But recently she gave a statement that she wants to marry young rebel star Prabhas.
It is heard that Pooja is ready for Prabhas right away. This statement created enough sensation among everyone and with this line she became famous. For now, the attention is on Pooja and it remains to be seen whether this statement will also fetch her some projects. Meanwhile, wonder what Prabhas has to say to this proposal.

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