Luck Postponed For This Director

By - March 17, 2017 - 11:51 AM IST

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There are some films which start emitting the fragrance of a hit even before they arrive in theatres so the wait for such flicks is rather high. However, when luck is not in your side all you have to do is lie low and wait for the good phase to begin.
One director who is now in that position is Yakub Ali. He is a debutante who will be arriving with the movie Vellipomake. The reason this film got a lot of significance is, it is being presented by Dil Raju. After a long gap, the film was due for release on March 17th.
But then luck has played a spoilsport for Yakub in the form of the unexpected demise of Anitha, wife of Dil Raju. The entire team is distressed and another challenge is, the summer giants are now lining up for release. Only time will reveal when Yakub can see his film onscreen.

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