Why Pawan Kalyan On Red And Green Scarfs?

By - March 19, 2017 - 03:08 PM IST

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Colors have this special power, they not only give richness and beauty to the visuals but also have a certain significance. Different colors represent different emotions and movements. Power star Pawan Kalyan seems to be quite cognizant of that.

Not sure how many of you noticed but in the movies Gabbar Singh and Sardaar  he is seen wearing a red cloth and now he is seen in the movie Katamarayudu wearing a green cloth over his shirt. It is not meant for style but to convey something.

As such, the red color stands for revolution while green stands for green revolution. Pawan has always been appealed by people movement and this time he chose green which is signifying farmers revolution and focus towards agriculture development.  

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