Filmmakers On This Shocking Subject

By - March 19, 2017 - 03:04 PM IST

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If you wish to come up with a good storyline then you need to find that one thing which inspires you to write a story. Most of the directors do that and lately the focus has shifted on real life issues which are becoming the basis for weaving film related stories.

Recently, a young man named Kishore Kumar committed suicide and in his note he mentioned how he was betrayed by a girl who was in relationship with him from a very long time. He has also mentioned that a new law should come wherein girls like these must be taken to justice.

There is a good chance for this angle to be explored further and the news of Kishore’s death is triggering many discussions. Already this news has attracted few small filmmakers and they are working on coming up with few stories taking this as the reference point. 

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