Comments On Ram Charan's Airline Brand

By - March 27, 2017 - 02:36 PM IST

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After reaching a certain level of stardom it is natural for you to diverge your businesses and get into other fields. But one flaw in that business can lead to strong criticism because celebrity quotient is a sensitive thing. Here is one example for better understanding.

Mega powerstar Ram Charan got into airline sector and he started the Trujet airways. At one point, this brand was all over but within no time, it fizzled out. Now, it appears that the downfall has begun and recently one noted media personality gave her piece of mind to Charan.

She is none other than Swapna better known as TV9 Swapna and eventually Sakshi Swapna. She came up with a statement on social media which goes like this –

Dear Ramcharan,

Did you ever realize how horrible your airline is? Always delayed, cancelled etc. Please shut shop and start a cab service instead.
This opinion is something being expressed by many frequent fliers and if someone like Swapna has said this, you can imagine the kind of frustration this airline is causing.

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