Modi's Hand In Filmmaking

By - April 05, 2017 - 10:43 AM IST

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Never in the history of India has any Prime Minister earned so much of branding and repute but the way Narendra Modi has been positioning himself is remarkable. At the same time, he is also doing his best to bring about the ‘Indian’ness in everything we do.

This time, he seems to have put his hand in filmmaking as well. According to reports, the movie 2.0 featuring Style Samrat Rajinikanth has been shot entirely in India. The budget was a whopping 400 crores. This is very contradictory to director Shankar’s approach.

He has always chosen the most exotic places across the globe for his movies. Anyhow, sources say it was Modi ji who suggested Rajini that this movie should be done entirely in India as part of the ‘Make In India’ exercise. Well, let us see how good this has turned out to be.

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