Comedian's Fire Catches Wildfire

By - April 11, 2017 - 10:13 AM IST

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The moment you think of a comedian you cannot help but get a smile on your face because you get reminded of his scenes onscreen. However, comedians are also human beings and they have a serious side in them which is normally seen in their real life.

This time, one popular comedian has shown his anger as well. He is none other than ’30 Years Industry’ Prithvi. He launched a scathing attack on all those actresses who have been alleging about casting couch and other sexual harassment issues on them.

Putting facts plainly, Prithvi reportedly mentioned that nothing happens without mutual consent and stressed that a lot of educated and civilized people are part of the industry. His fire on the actresses has caught wildfire and it remains to be seen where this would lead to.

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