Keeravani's New Statements Shock Many

By - April 24, 2017 - 04:38 PM IST

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You may have earned accolades for your work and may have built goodwill for a long time but that doesn’t mean you would be exempted if you start changing your approach and attitude. This is seen more often in the film industry where reactions are immediate.
After having earned a unique and distinguishing repute as a music composer, M M Keeravani has been going through some rough weather with his controversial statements. Now, his new statements have again alerted all. They are shocked for his logic and sharp answers.
They are saying that Keeravani has never spoken this controversially before and it started from Baahubali pre release event and then spread to media. Now the media folks are also chasing Keeravani for digging more sensational lines from him and make a feast.

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