Samantha's Health Condition In Discussion

By - April 25, 2017 - 05:13 PM IST

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To some extent you are familiar with the lifestyle of a top range heroine. She lives in five star hotels, travels in business class, lives in plush AC residences and is constantly taking care of her glamour and beauty. But when it comes to shooting, there is no compromise.
There are many starlets who brave it all but it does take a toll. The cute smile queen Samantha who went to the coastal districts recently for the shooting of her new movie has reportedly blacked out due to the severe sunstroke.
As a result, all are enquiring about her health and are quite worried. The latest update is that Samantha is normal now and there is no problem. On the bright side, we must appreciate her dedication as she worked till the last ounce of her energy without hesitation. Waiting to see her back in action!

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