Top Heroine's Shocking Marriage Announcement!

By - May 25, 2017 - 12:40 PM IST

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More than the number of movies or the success you have scored, you would be more scrutinized for your affairs, romantic relationships and other gossips as a heroine. This is part and parcel of the cinema industry and many starlets are mentally prepared for it.

However, there are also those beauties who don’t mince words and end up giving some shocking statements. One such person is the seductive beauty Shruti Haasan. Lately, a grapevine has been making rounds about Shruti about to get married with a secret boyfriend.

Responding to that, Shruti has reportedly quashed this as a baseless rumour. Not stopping at that, she reportedly clarified that she has no time to fall in love and dropped a bomb that marriage is not compulsory to have kids. That’s Shruti Haasan, daughter of Kamal Haasan, for you folks!