Ravi Gets Hot Lady's Support Now

By - May 25, 2017 - 11:13 AM IST

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The moment we say Ravi you may get a bit confused but when we say Anchor Ravi you don’t need further introduction. Currently, this anchor who is a sought after small screen celebrity is in a soup of sorts thanks to the controversy raked by senior actor Chalapathi Rao.

It is known that the entire women force is bombarding Chalapathi Rao for his single statement. Not stopping at that, some women groups are also demanding that a case must be filed on Ravi because he said ‘Superb Sir’ for Chalapathi Rao’s statement.

Well, before things take another turn, Ravi is now getting some relief. This is in the form of support from his co-anchor Sreemukhi. This hot lady has backed Ravi and maintained that as an anchor he needs to say something positive and added there is a good chance he may not have heard Chalapathi Rao’s statement clearly. Well, let us see how many women will give Ravi the benefit of doubt then.

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