1st Lady To Support Chalapathi Rao

By - May 29, 2017 - 10:07 AM IST

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When time is not on your side you will end up slipping on the road even when you are walking and meet with an accident. Sometimes, few accidents tend to leave a traumatic impact on individuals. This is happening now with the senior star Chalapathi Rao.

All he did was utter one wrong statement at an audio function and he is being ripped apart by just about anyone and everyone. However, those who know him personally are now coming to his support and expressing their anguish. One such person is noted character artist Apoorva.

Sharing her thoughts with the media, Apoorva reportedly mentioned how she calls him ‘Babai’ and reiterated that he is a thorough gentleman who has never misbehaved with any girls. She also mentioned this criticism on him is becoming too much and it is unnecessary. What’s your thought on this.

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