Telugu Music Takes New Turn Like Aashiqui 2

By - May 29, 2017 - 10:12 AM IST

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Some movies strike a strong chord with you through its entertainment while some inspire you with its action quotient. And some give you the perfect recharge with their humour. And then there are those movies which make you very emotional with their romance.

The Bollywood flick Aashiqui 2 did that to the crowds when it released and there was a strong emotional hangover everywhere. Now, it appears that the Telugu music has taken a new turn like Aashiqui 2 with one single song from the film Ninnu Kori.

Featuring Natural Star Nani, a single by name ‘Adiga adiga…’ has been released and those who heard this are saying this song is just like Aashiqui 2. Well, if these observations pick momentum in the social media, this film and its songs would certainly become the turning point for Telugu music.

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