Geetha Arts 'Ramayanam' Shows This Angle?

By - May 29, 2017 - 12:25 PM IST

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After the Baahubali mania the time now is to shift focus to another ambitious project. It is Ramayana which would be produced by the mega mastermind Allu Aravind along with some foreign entities. This has resulted in a debate of discussions.

Many feel the film should show something different like, why is it called Ramarajyam, What are its aspects. The last movie on Lord Rama i.e Sri Rama Rajyam focused more on Lava Kusa angle and totally it is the personal issue of Lord Rama and preserving Raja Dharma.

Someone comments and then he sent Goddess Seetha to forests. Even today many keep asking about it and though many preachers give discourse on it, yet not many get convinced. Ramayana is a compilation of 24000 slokas written by Sage Valmiki. At the moment, it is not sure whether the regime of Rama has been covered in it and how did he resolve the challenges.

If not Valmiki Ramayana, has it been written anywhere in other Ramayana. If that is brought to light, it would be very interesting. The greatness of Lord Rama and his ruling system should be the focus. The regular storyline may not be that appealing.