Raj Kandukuri's Shocking Economics In Film Making

By - June 18, 2017 - 11:19 AM IST

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Being a rich person and spending it without compromise on a film doesn’t make you a great producer, you need to know the value of money and the business dynamics of cinema, that’s what makes you a great producer. Here is one classic example to that.

Producer Raj Kandukuri made the movie Pelli Choopulu in a very tight budget and the film grossed a whopping Rs 42 crores. Generally, any producer would splurge for his next project after a success. However, just because of this success, Raj didn’t increase his budget for next.

Instead, he is doing it at a much lesser budget and collaborating with those who can come up with smart and economic ideas with maximum output. That is the economics of filmmaking and Raj Kandukuri has learnt the tricks of the trade within a very short span. Many are hailing his sharp business acumen and predict he would enter the big league very soon.