Who Said RGV Making Bad Films?

By - June 18, 2017 - 11:14 AM IST

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These days when you hear any discussion about the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma, many are saying he is making trash movies but a closer look reveals not all his films are that bad after all. This was seen after looking at the nominations his films have received.

This is for the upcoming South India International Movie Awards (SIIMA) which is going to take place in Abu Dhabi during this month end. RGV has got so many nominations and here is a list of them with majority in Kannada.

Best Film: Killing Veerappan, Best Villain: Sundeep Bharadwaj, Best Supporting Actor (Female): Yajna Shetty, Best Actress: Parul Yadav, Best Supporting Actor (Male): Sanchari Vijay. Coming to Telugu, it is Best Lyrics: Sirasri for the song ‘Vangaveeti’, Best Debut Actor: Sandeep for the movie Vangaveeti.

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